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“It can’t go on like this forever.

You’ve got your hands full creating the thing you love creating. You’re really good at it. But when it comes to communicating with your customers, there are a few things you’re struggling with:

  • You don’t have the time or energy to think about marketing.
  • You don’t know how or what to do next to grow your brand’s awareness.
  • And you know you’re not reaching your full potential.

We can help you clarify your message and reach the right audience.

What you need is a partner who can, with clear eyes and a fresh perspective, take the time to assess the way your business is communicating with the world and help you find the right people — help you find your tribe.

At Making It Creative, we don’t just hop in to manage social media or write newsletters. While these are important marketing communication tools, our goal is to go deeper. When you work with us, we’ll take time to deeply assess your brand and your vision so that we can create a more meaningful story for your business.

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Hi, We’re Making It Creative.

We started a husband-and-wife duo but have evolved into a team that grows and contracts to fit your needs. We’re mostly based in Asheville, NC and we geek out about all things sales & marketing. It’s nice to meet you!

Sarah Ubertaccio

Co-founder, content strategist, creative director

Sarah graduated from Providence College with a degree in Accounting and an MBA. She lived in Italy for five years, teaching English (launching a school) and blogging about her experience. Upon returning to the U.S., she moved to New York City and worked for Eataly as the National Content Manager where she developed content for national campaigns, the website, the newsletter, and more. At Making It Creative, Sarah manages all of our project timelines, client research, social media, copywriting, and editing. She’s the beating heart that keeps things moving.

Tony Ubertaccio

Tony Ubertaccio

Co-founder, sales strategist, IT department

Tony graduated from Ursinus College with a degree in Business and Economics. He grew up in Madison, New Jersey and has lived in New York City, Austin, TX, and Florence, Italy, and Brooklyn, NY before calling Asheville his home. He’s worked in retail, fitness, and sold enterprise marketing technology. He has always focused on high-touch consultative selling and business coaching. At Making It Creative, Tony oversees business development, email marketing, and sales strategy. He’s the one who’s pulled our team together and our visionary thinker!

Our Services


When it comes to working with founders and small business owners, we find that a lot of value can be delivered in a relatively short period of time via coaching and consulting. 

When it comes to coaching, we break the service into two main buckets. Strategic coaching and sales coaching. Often the two overlap but strategic coaching zooms out, looks at your life, your business, and the competitive landscape, and helps you to navigate through the turbulence toward a better version of your business and your life. Sales coaching zooms into your business a bit more and looks at the ways to optimize your sales process to reflect your unique personality and temperament. While some might say “sales is sales is sales,” the truth is each founder is different and we have to work to find the sales process that is best for us. 

Consulting takes the outcomes from coaching and helps you apply them in your business in real-time. 



Sometimes it’s not enough to have a breakthrough in a coaching session. Sometimes, the best value is more practical or tactical than that. For this reason, we offer robust business audits and the ability to execute based on the findings. 

Some of the ways we can audit your business include, reviewing your website for copywriting and user experience (UX). Then reviewing your website for underlying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including technical optimization, on-page optimization, and off-site optimization. Audits can include social media and other third-party platforms. We can review all of your email automation sequences, if any exist, as well as any sales or marketing materials.

From there, we deliver multiple routes for you to take that will help your business to grow. (1) We create a do-it-yourself (DIY) roadmap for you and your team to follow to realize meaningful improvements in your digital brand, (2) we deliver a done-with-you (DWY) plan where our team or our partners help you to execute against the plan, or (3) we offer a done-for-you (DFY) plan to deliver against the vision.



If you’re looking for a way to consistently deliver high value to your audience, you might care most about our media strategy sessions and production. We’ve found that it’s quite common for business owners to believe that they have a “good enough” strategy, sales process, and website — but feel completely behind the 8 ball when it comes to creating compelling content for their audience to consume. We can help. 

Whether it’s with a media strategy session (or sessions) or by becoming your full-service pre-to-post production team, we can help you to level up your media this year. 

Our production services include but are not limited to podcast production and post-production. We offer a range of video production services from (1) studio-based productions like talk-head or product videos (2) hosted content like a travel show and (3) documentary and commercial content that is narrative and beautiful. 

All of our production services consider the content and the context. We make sure everything is built with purpose and able to be repurposed on all of the channels or platforms that matter to your business

It is so refreshing to work with these professionals in a market that has been riddled with not living up to their promises. Sarah and Tony have been instrumental in sharing our story with existing guests, as well as finding new ones to share it with! Their passion for the success of their business is based on the success of their clients — a win-win for small, growing businesses.

PJ Jackson Owner of The Chop Shop Butchery

As a busy business owner of a telecommunications consulting company, it has been difficult to find an appropriate marketing source until finding Making It Creative. Working with Sarah and Tony to assist us with our marketing needs has filled our gap. They are efficient and complete all of our projects in a timely manner!

Stella Dowling Founder of 1Source International

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